Digitalization in Finland

Digitalization is the word of the day, but how is it going in Finland?

Finland is at the forefront of digitalization, but progress is still needed.

The prospects for digitalisation for business, public services and private life are vast. How can the digitalisation of Finland be enhanced to make the most of the opportunities offered by electronic services?

Digital infrastructure in Finland

The digital infrastructure in Finland is largely comprehensive and well accessible throughout the country.
According to a FICORA study in 2016, there are regional differences in the availability of high-speed broadband (at least 100 Mbit / s data transfer). 100 Mbit / s broadband is available to around 1.36 million households, which is approximately 51 percent of all households. The best high-speed broadband connection is in Ostrobothnia, where it is available to about 73% of households. The next best availability is in Uusimaa (65%), Kainuu (61%) and Central Ostrobothnia (60%). The lowest availability of fast broadband is in North Karelia (36%).

100 Mega mobile broadband reaches approximately 76% of Finns. At the end of 2015, the geographical coverage of the LTE network, which enables high-speed mobile broadband, was well over 4%.

Digitalisation of the private sector

A significant part of digitalisation takes place in the day-to-day development of the private sector, including software acquisitions, development projects and competence development. Ite Wiki Reference Search provides a very interesting qualitative view of the digitalisation of Finnish companies and the public sector.

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