Investor services:

 As a part of DIGITICE´s core services the cluster provides investor services in order to attract foreign direct investments into Finland.

The service is provided by each region’s “invest in” function consisting of foreign direct investment professionals who are dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of inward investment to the country.

The aim of DIGITICE is to develop and raise the international profile of Finland as a place in which to invest across a range of industries, specialising in the ICT sector. DIGITICE will identify your specific requirements on a location neutral basis and introduce you to the appropriate professionals to support your site selection or procurement team to facilitate your enquiry, with current pricing, industry expertise and localisation intelligence, we are able to get you inside the business case.

DIGITICE investor services are 100% location neutral – we will use the national network of sector professionals, our experience and processes in confidential site selection analysis to find the right location inside Finland for your needs. We will get the figures that you need to fully calculate TCO.

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